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More Than Just an Apple a Day: How Paying Attention to Your Health Can Affect Your Insurance

We have all heard the saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” However, when it comes to obtaining the best plans and rates for your insurance, there is more than just one health factor to consider. Your insurance agent can help you determine the correct policies, but here are a few things to keep in mind before you meet with your agent.

Life Insurance: Do you want term or whole insurance? 

Term insurance offers a lower monthly premium, but there is an end date for the coverage. Your health won’t be considered as rigorously as well. Selecting whole insurance means you’ll be covered for your entire life, but it can have a higher premium. The ideal way to ensure this premium is the best possible price is by staying healthy and active. Most companies require a brief screening that will assess your risk for specific health concerns, and these will affect how much you pay. Those with multiple high-risk results may be required to pay more or be denied coverage altogether. 

Some factors can be controlled by you and monitored to help keep your rates low. 


The first step towards the best possible rate is maintaining a nutritious diet and appropriate body-mass index. Diet and nutrition can affect multiple areas of health, not just weight. These can include cholesterol, risk of diabetes or heart disease, and the function of vital organs. While it is completely acceptable to indulge on occasion, moderation is key. Should you maintain a poor diet with low nutrition, your risk for certain diseases will increase. These aspects could be revealed in your medical screening, and it could cause you to pay a higher premium due to your health conditions. 

Not Smoking

Whether you smoke occasionally or regularly, you are putting yourself at risk for cancer and disease. According to the American Lung Association, lung cancer is the most common and deadly result of smoking. In fact, more people die from lung cancer than any other type of cancer. Of those diagnosed, only one in five will still be alive five years after their diagnosis. For this reason, smokers are often guaranteed to receive a higher premium for life insurance than non-smokers, simply because of the high risk associated. However, smoking also leads to other harmful health conditions such as COPD, heart disease, stroke, asthma, diabetes, and even blindness or partial vision loss. By not using tobacco products, including smokeless and vapor products, you will most likely receive a more advantageous life insurance plan that can ensure your family is cared for. 

Hobbies & Driving 

Your personal hobbies, driving record, and other lifestyle choices can also affect your ability to find a preferred life insurance policy. If you are a frequent skydiver, have been in multiple accidents or received numerous speeding tickets, or even just own a fast sports car, you may face higher premiums or less desirable coverage. Life insurance providers will take these factors into account, as they may be indicative of thrill-seeking behavior. These activities often place you at risk for injury, or even early death should an accident occur. While this is not to say that you are completely guaranteed to receive an increased premium or limited coverage, you should speak with your agent to determine if any of your common activities could affect your policy. 

These are just a few of the factors that you can control in order to receive the coverage you want in order to protect and provide for your loved ones. While other factors like age, gender, and hereditary conditions may be out of your control, your agent can help guide you towards the best life insurance policy for your own unique needs.